Emerging Media in 2015: Status Check Part 1

2015 has been a busy year for marketers and it’s not even over yet!

At the end of 2014, there were many predictions for 2015’s Emerging Media trends.  My favorite is this overview by the team over at Digital Saasquatch. Over this week, we will take a look at their top 10 trends. Have they actually panned out or are these trends a wash for 2015? Today, we will look at the top 5 trends.

  1. Personalization– the idea was that more and more digital marketing will be directed at individual customers, with their names used in the efforts and utilizing big data to target customers based on personal interests and habits. Has this happened? YES! A quick look into email inboxes reveals a bevy of emails starting with your first name, apps are making recommendations based on customer history, and even search engine results are personalized!
  2. Retargeting- Have you ever gone onto a website to look at a product, then wandered over to Facebook, only to find that EXACT product advertised on your Feed? This is retargeting at its finest and 2015 has been a big year for it! While it has been seen as very controversial, it’s taking off like a rocket! With a 147% increase in conversion rate,  it’s no wonder this is a blossoming trend. Just the other day, I researched furniture for a child’s room, only to find this on my Facebook feed:  dresser ad Bravo, Babies “R” Us and let’s chalk this trend up to a YES for 2015!
  3. Customer Marketing– Have you noticed an increase in customer referral marketing programs? If so, then this trend is impacting your life! While I have yet to see much of an increase myself, these 47 referral programs prove that this trend is DOING PRETTY WELL in 2015.
  4. Content Amplification- While content marketing is certainly taking off, content amplification is the idea that content marketers “up the ante” on their content over time, with actions taken by the targeted customer leading to increased content marketing or higher level content marketing. It combines earned and paid media with content! The challenge with this approach is in the tools needed. It’s about the whole Integrated Marketing Communications picture, tying together with big data. While it’s certainly being used by large companies, THE JURY IS OUT for small and medium sized businesses.
  5. Interactive Content- Animated Quizzes, graphics, games, oh my! This trend is EXPLODING in 2015, even reaching the front page of the New York Times website earlier this year! With evolution in the way that marketers can think about gaining data, this trend is a very dynamic YES for 2015!

STAY TUNED – later this week, we will take a look at the next 5 trends for 2015!


2 thoughts on “Emerging Media in 2015: Status Check Part 1

  1. Referral programs are great. They reduce your sales budget, increase sales cycle, and definitely give you a better ROi on marketing because you’re focusing on satisfied customers you’ve already won over.

    Thanks for the helpful post! Retargeting is what I want to try next.

    Liked by 1 person

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