Emerging Media in 2015: Status Check Part 2

Earlier this week, we looked at 5 trends predicted for 2015’s Emerging Media landscape. Let’s take a look at the next 5 trends!

6. Segmentation- all customers were not created equal! While segmentation has been happening for years in traditional media (why do you think you see so many cereal and toy commercials on Cartoon Network?), the digital landscape lends itself to a whole new world of segmentation potential! This is certainly CATCHING ON, as top firms are 4x more likely to use this tactic than their laggard competitors.

7. User Generated Content– What’s better than saying your company does great things? Getting someone else to say it for you! This is one trend that is BOOMING in 2015, led by growth of such popular tools as Pinterest: mary-meeker-2015-7, while consumers engaging with their favorite brands all over social media.

8. Predictive Analytics- Based off of what your customer has done (and purchased) in the past, do you know what they will do (and purchase) next? Predictive analytics does! While B2C companies have thoroughly jumped on this train (think Netflix’s “Because You Watched” suggestions and similar suggestions on online retail sites), B2B companies are just starting to jump on this train. So, this trend CONTINUES TO EMERGE across the marketing landscape!

9. Transparency- There are many ways to be more transparent as a company and this trend seems so broad that defining its success is a challenge. Are we seeing more companies posting internal financial data like Shell did? Not in droves, and who can blame them? But when it comes to transparency regarding sourcing of materials, being open and honest regarding actions (especially in crises), consumers have demanded and thus companies have responded. I’d say this trend is SLOWLY INCREASING in 2015.

10. Storytelling– Last but certainly not least, storytelling has become a way of life for many marketers and CONSUMERS ARE LOVING IT! This is especially true with visual content, as purchasing intent increases 85% after watching a video about the product! This is one trend that is ROCKING AND ROLLING in 2015, much to even the consumer’s joy. It’s even been called the Year of Storytelling by some marketers.

What trends are you seeing in 2015?


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