Internet of Things & Healthcare: Two Peas in a Pod

A recent article in Forbes states that the Internet of Things in healthcare will be a $117 Billion market by 2020. Seem overblown? Hardly. The Internet of Things and Healthcare were made for each other. A recent article in Healthcare Information Management & Systems Society states that healthcare can benefit from the Internet of Things in three ways: Operational Efficiency Improved Patient Care Improved Performance, Leadership & … Continue reading Internet of Things & Healthcare: Two Peas in a Pod

The Periscope Powerhouse

One year ago, would you have imagined the behemoth that is now Periscope? According to a post by Engadget, Periscope’s user base as of August 2015 reached over 10 MILLION accounts, with 2 million active daily! But are people actually watching it? The data says yes! Apparently, there are over 40 years of video viewed on a daily basis- and this number has only been skyrocketing … Continue reading The Periscope Powerhouse

E-mail Marketing Works

When was the last time your marketing campaign yielded an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent? According to the DMA Client Report 2015,  that’s the new ROI rate for email marketing- and that number is only increasing (some stats, as in the below infographic, are even higher)! It’s time to start re-thinking your digital marketing strategy to include e-mail marketing. Why should you implement … Continue reading E-mail Marketing Works

3 Tips for Making E-Commerce Work

Are your online sales falling flat? Are customers abandoning their carts before purchase? This is an industry-wide crisis that has marketers flummoxed. A good e-commerce campaign is more than just putting your products out in the Internet and hoping for the best! Here are three tips for how to up your e-commerce game: Make it pretty! Consumer Reports Web Watch found that 65% of customers … Continue reading 3 Tips for Making E-Commerce Work