3 Tips for Making E-Commerce Work

Are your online sales falling flat? Are customers abandoning their carts before purchase? This is an industry-wide crisis that has marketers flummoxed. A good e-commerce campaign is more than just putting your products out in the Internet and hoping for the best! Here are three tips for how to up your e-commerce game:

  1. Make it pretty! Consumer Reports Web Watch found that 65% of customers won’t buy from a site that they don’t find attractive. Make sure that your website is visually attractive (don’t clutter it up!), is easy to navigate with search features, a site index, home and section icons.
  2. Implement a retargeting campaign. What if your customers saw that product they abandoned in your cart the next time they logged onto Facebook? Using tools like Facebook’s Custom Audiences or Adroll can help turn your abandoned cart woes into cha-ching! Take a look at this infographic with great statistics on retargeting:


  3. Promote Your E-Commerce Options: When was the last time you mentioned your online store via your blog, Facebook, news releases, tv or print ads, and email marketing? Do you even have links to your e-commerce site throughout your corporate site (think about doing banner ads for related products on your informational site, if you have one!) Have you used Google Ad Words recently? If you’re not promoting your e-commerce capability, you’re missing out on reaching customers who don’t know your online retail exists!

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