E-mail Marketing Works

When was the last time your marketing campaign yielded an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent? According to the DMA Client Report 2015,  that’s the new ROI rate for email marketing- and that number is only increasing (some stats, as in the below infographic, are even higher)! It’s time to start re-thinking your digital marketing strategy to include e-mail marketing.

Why should you implement an e-mail marketing campaign?

  • First off, e-mail marketing is cheap– roughly 1/20 of the cost of a postal campaign. That’s music to your CFO’s ears!
  • Reaching mobile customers has never been easier, as 52% of cellphone users check email via their phones according to Pew Research Center. This means, no matter where your customers are, they’ll be able to see your campaign! Take that, costly billboard advertising!
  • Customers WANT your e-mail coupons. Yes, you heard that right. Customers actually want to receive your advertising in the form of coupons sent directly to their email. 64% of customers have printed coupons from email, according to Shop.org, while 27% of customers subscribe to brand emails just for the coupons, according to Neilsen.  This is a great way to keep customers in the loop in a way that they want, rather than intrusive or potentially irrelevant advertising spending.
  • Response rates are stellar– ranging from 2-10%! Combine the response rate with the low cost of campaign, and you have a strategy that will pay for itself very quickly.
  • Be your own control freak. Very few other methods allow marketers to so closely control the messaging, delivery, timing, and medium as well as e-mail marketing. This amount of control will help lead to fantastic data, which you can use to more finely hone your marketing techniques to drive up those response rates and ROI.

Still on the fence? Take a look at these other great e-mail marketing statistics by Reach Marketing and start your e-mail marketing campaign TODAY!



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