The Periscope Powerhouse

One year ago, would you have imagined the behemoth that is now Periscope? According to a post by Engadget, Periscope’s user base as of August 2015 reached over 10 MILLION accounts, with 2 million active daily! But are people actually watching it? The data says yes! Apparently, there are over 40 years of video viewed on a daily basis- and this number has only been skyrocketing since Periscope’s inception.

The best part about Periscope is its brand potential. Brands all over the world are using Periscope as part of their new marketing strategy. This includes live streaming of behind-the-scenes coverage, interviews, even talk-show-esque regular content. The first time I went on Periscope (in May), I got to watch a concert – courtesy of the venue! What a great way to show the venue, the incredible crowd and atmosphere, while promoting both the performer and generating future attendees and performers.

Today, I logged onto Periscope and saw this great behind-the-scenes look at Hulu!


The brand was featured in my top 3 “global viewing” options, thereby increasing my likelihood of clicking. I’ve found great streams by Ellen Degeneres, Adweek, and others this very same way.

This has also been an incredibly powerful tool of personalities, such as comedians, speakers, experts, etc. Grant Cardone, Jim Gaffigan, and Perez Hilton are just three that post on a regular basis, as well as fellow WVU IMC Alum, Tyler Murray and WVU alum Luke Nesler! This platform provides a really unique way for personalities to develop followers, increase brand awareness, and engage with their fans.

So, whether you are a company or individual personality wanting to develop a cult-like following, Periscope provides a unique and powerful way to make that happen!


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