Importance of Infographics

Throughout my time at WVU’s IMC program, I have grown to love infographics for use in coursework. They lend themselves beautifully to discussion board posts, understanding statistics, and as visual POP for professors who tend to lean towards images over words. That said, I’ve never really thought about using them in business. Over the course of IMC 619: Emerging Media & the Market, I began to change my mind.

If you haven’t used infographics in your business marketing, you need to start NOW!

Why is that?

OK- you probably already know that people love engaging images. And that many brands make mistakes like publishing boring, selfish marketing pieces because they’re thinking “What do I want the consumer to know about me?” instead of “what does the consumer want?”

Here’s where infographics can come in. They provide an opportunity to become an EXPERT in your field to MILLIONS of people through compelling images and short facts. Use them to provide industry insight and information relevant to consumer’s lives. For example, if you’re a cereal company, do an infographic about the benefits of breakfast! Or, the difference whole grain can make on overall health.

Need more proof? What better way than an Infographic by Bit Rebels to show you both the benefits and how to best use infographics!



3 thoughts on “Importance of Infographics

  1. Infographics sometimes strike me as the “Christmas Tree of Modern Marketing”. Sure, the concept starts out well enough, but soon everybody around the office “hangs an ornament” (more text! more factoids!), and before you know it, it’s overcrowded and the viewer has no idea where to look, and what the key message really is.

    Marketing pros would do well to let information breathe when creating these. Remember, people have to read this and get something out of it.


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