Importance of Infographics

Throughout my time at WVU’s IMC program, I have grown to love infographics for use in coursework. They lend themselves beautifully to discussion board posts, understanding statistics, and as visual POP for professors who tend to lean towards images over words. That said, I’ve never really thought about using them in business. Over the course of IMC 619: Emerging Media & the Market, I began … Continue reading Importance of Infographics

Internet of Things & Healthcare: Two Peas in a Pod

A recent article in Forbes states that the Internet of Things in healthcare will be a $117 Billion market by 2020. Seem overblown? Hardly. The Internet of Things and Healthcare were made for each other. A recent article in Healthcare Information Management & Systems Society states that healthcare can benefit from the Internet of Things in three ways: Operational Efficiency Improved Patient Care Improved Performance, Leadership & … Continue reading Internet of Things & Healthcare: Two Peas in a Pod

The Periscope Powerhouse

One year ago, would you have imagined the behemoth that is now Periscope? According to a post by Engadget, Periscope’s user base as of August 2015 reached over 10 MILLION accounts, with 2 million active daily! But are people actually watching it? The data says yes! Apparently, there are over 40 years of video viewed on a daily basis- and this number has only been skyrocketing … Continue reading The Periscope Powerhouse

E-mail Marketing Works

When was the last time your marketing campaign yielded an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent? According to the DMA Client Report 2015,  that’s the new ROI rate for email marketing- and that number is only increasing (some stats, as in the below infographic, are even higher)! It’s time to start re-thinking your digital marketing strategy to include e-mail marketing. Why should you implement … Continue reading E-mail Marketing Works

3 Tips for Making E-Commerce Work

Are your online sales falling flat? Are customers abandoning their carts before purchase? This is an industry-wide crisis that has marketers flummoxed. A good e-commerce campaign is more than just putting your products out in the Internet and hoping for the best! Here are three tips for how to up your e-commerce game: Make it pretty! Consumer Reports Web Watch found that 65% of customers … Continue reading 3 Tips for Making E-Commerce Work

Emerging Media in 2015: Status Check Part 2

Earlier this week, we looked at 5 trends predicted for 2015’s Emerging Media landscape. Let’s take a look at the next 5 trends! 6. Segmentation- all customers were not created equal! While segmentation has been happening for years in traditional media (why do you think you see so many cereal and toy commercials on Cartoon Network?), the digital landscape lends itself to a whole new world … Continue reading Emerging Media in 2015: Status Check Part 2

Emerging Media in 2015: Status Check Part 1

2015 has been a busy year for marketers and it’s not even over yet! At the end of 2014, there were many predictions for 2015’s Emerging Media trends.  My favorite is this overview by the team over at Digital Saasquatch. Over this week, we will take a look at their top 10 trends. Have they actually panned out or are these trends a wash for 2015? Today, we … Continue reading Emerging Media in 2015: Status Check Part 1